A focus on strategies generating a sustainable alpha provides, by definition, a more effective means of capital preservation.


We aim to identify uncorrelated and unconventional sources of alpha creating a diversified portfolio of the same.


Niche managers focus on innovation, are able to identify new markets or to trade a traditional asset class using an unconventional approach.


A selection of niche and boutique managers provides a more style diversified portfolio of strategies and, as a consequence, a more effective risk management of the portfolio.


Looking for style diversified and undiscovered investment opportunities is our way to achieve sustainable and uncorrelated returns.


By focusing on managers able to maintain a high degree of commitment and motivation, we expect to achieve better risk-adjusted returns.


We like emerging managers as they are often "hungrier" and more committed to their investment style.


Established managers offer experience and a proven business set-up. Experience is even more valuable when backed by a longstanding investor relationship.


We look at both a manager's motivations and experience in parallel. The maturity of the investment approach has to be coupled by a continuous fresh look at the world and the business.

Three Investment Pillars

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