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About us

Kaleidoscope Capital is an independent advisory firm headquartered in London focused on providing a full range of solution driven services for alternative investments, with a focus on liquid alternative investment strategies and actively managed total return investment solutions.

We believe in innovation, both in the solutions we adopt and in the mind-set we have in evaluating opportunities and their embedded risks.

Uncertainty is a key component of investing. A nimble and flexible attitude is paramount when a paradigm is changing. The ability to identify new opportunities limiting the risk to explore the same is a prerequisite of success in the transition process.

We believe in customization.

We offer a boutique approach through a partnership of professionals with a sound market experience, an entrepreneurial mind-set and a strong alignment of interests. Thanks to the seniority and specialization of our team and strategic partners, we are able to offer to our clients an invaluable set of competences in markets and services that we perceive to be strategic.

​Kaleidoscope Capital has multiple strategic partners and stakeholders allowing it to function as a nimble and independent force within a structured and fully regulated operational set-up.

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